Thursday, February 7, 2013

Pre-order for Quilling Tools & Quilling Paper

Terms & Conditions

*the order must be made by filling up this form with complete and accurate details. pre-order are now open until 10 february 2013.
*delivering process will only be made on 25 February 2013.
*all the price are included with postage charge. 
*all payment must be made in our CIMB account. the account number will be given (via email) along with the quotation once we have receive your order details.
the payment must be made within 24hours after the quotation have been sent to you. if the payment is not done within this period, the orders will be automatically canceled.
*any inquiries?, feel free to email me at

Starter Pack | RM60
*Slotted Tools
*Mini Circle Sizer
*Mini White Glue
*3 random pack of Quilling Paper (100pcs)

 Slotted Tool | RM10

Quilling Paper 80gsm 5mm | RM10 
*100pcs each color per pack

happy shopping and happy quilling! ^^


Unknown said...

Baru jumpa blog saudari.
Open to order lg x?

Anonymous said...

nk order quilling slotted.ada lg x.emailkn kt sy

Yuenie said...


i tried to go to the quilling shop, but it said it is only open to invited readers only? *=(

Unknown said...

Sis ade lg slotted tool sy

Anonymous said...

Nak order quilling tools..ade lagi me.. Tq